Parks Seafood - Double charged

Orlando, Florida 1 comment

I recently dined at Park's Seafood where my previous experiences were excellent, however this time not so much.I ate with my friend visiting from across the country.

We had 2 separate checks, one for me and one for her. We gave two seperate credit cards, mine for my check, hers for her check. My card was charged for both. I only signed my check.

When I called the resaurant and explained they told me to collect the money from my friend. You have to be kidding me! Then the owner told me she could not find either slip. She was supposed to call me four days ago.

I still havn't heard a word. I have left her two messages and have been more than polite, I finally went through my credit card company to try to fix this. I will never eat there again. No meal is worth this headache.

Nor will I recommend this establishment to anyone.


Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #21873

I guess you will have to collect money from your friend because they can't help you if you are not too embarassed to ask.But if your friend was charged on her credit card for her meal then don't.

Maybe they did the same to her and kept the money to buy drugs and beer.That is probably why both receipts mysteriously "disappeared."

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